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Mixed Metaphors

Ever worry that you’re imagining things? From the fact of a Current TV ad in Milan’s Pasteur subway station, to it’s content, it was hard to shake the feeling that my mind had prearranged the decor in advance of our visit to the city.

Shepard Fairey’s Obama gets the once-over treatment by a keffiyeh-savvy Italian book illustrator. I like this version more than the original, as well as the visual allusion to Jordan’s late King Hussein,  the pun on Barack Hussein etc.

Rear-View Mirror

Speaking of political economy, this was the last picture I took before leaving the US. San Francisco, 9/27, just as Congress and the Bush Administration were trying to close a deal to bail out America’s troubled banking sector.

Posted on Valencia Street, adjacent to a store I’d gone to at the last minute to buy discounted Brazilian espresso, its unclear whether this is a Shepard Fairey print, or one inspired by him. I should have examined it a little more closely.


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