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The Other Miliband

Britain Daily Mail Protest

Anti-Semitism and Red baiting. My take, in Equal Times.

Everywhere is Home

Karl Marx Strasse, Neukolln. September 2012.

On Vittorio Longhi’s The Immigrant War. February 22nd, in Souciant.

Pre-Riot Grrrl

My review of The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg, in this week’s Forward.

Consider Yourself Sampled

For nearly a decade, Courtney Utt has designed my book and CD jackets, and has worked for me as a freelancer everywhere from Asphodel to Tikkun. When I was helping launch PM Press, I brought Court aboard to help design their initial titles, as well as assist with branding.

One of the most memorable jacket designs Courtney supervised was for Staughnton Lynd and Andrej Grubacic‘s wildly popular Wobblies and Zapatistas. Imagine our surprise when, showing Court around Berlin, we found these flyers, using the book’s cover, advertising a Die Linke event.

It’s a real tribute to Courtney’s art direction that, half a world away, the San Francisco-based designer would discover an event hosted by Germany’s most significant progressive political party, relying upon her work. Here’s to seeing more appropriations like this in the future.

Warming Up

It was so cold, the rain would hit the ground as though it were glass, shattering upon impact. Five minutes after leaving my hotel, I was completely drenched, worse, freezing in the cold winter air. Having just arrived from Tel Aviv, I was about as unprepared for a Paris winter as I possibly could be. It was the middle of February, and I didn’t have a single piece of waterproof clothing on me.

The only other consistent feature of my visit were the superfluous copies of Spectres de Marx on display in bookshop windows. Not yet released in English, Jacques Derrida’s controversial 1994 book, about the increased relevance of Marxism, immediately following the Cold War, was a shock to many, especially those leftists dubious of his progressive credentials.

So bitter, in fact, was the book’s reception by the Marxists I knew, I decided to steer clear of it, frightened as I was of taking sides in disputes about post-structuralism at the time. Besides, back then, Derrida’s work didn’t speak to me. Much to my surprise, was my desire to finally read the book, upon seeing the late philosopher’s face, in a Marais bookstore window, on Monday.


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