Under Reconstruction


After what seems like an eternity, Zeek‘s relaunch is imminent. We’re hard at work porting content and proofing every conceivable part of the new site. Check our new url, zeek.forward.com, beginning November 1. I’d wager there will be something alive and healthy to view then. Though there won’t be a version immediately optimized for mobile, I spent a good part of a recent Sunday checking it out on our handsets. Jennifer is the iPhone user. I’m the one with the Android.

In the interim, the first copies of the Fall print edition were distributed at San Francisco’s Litquake festival last Saturday, as well as mailed out to contributors. If you happen to live here in Europe or the Middle East, and want a promotional copy, drop me a line. I’ll be receiving a box any day now, and will have enough stock on hand to share. Contents will remain exclusive to this specific edition. Israelology will otherwise be exclusively available for order through the new Zeek site.