A Different Kind of Messaging

Imagine commemorating the end of the Second World War positively. That is, not as the end of the Holocaust, the beginning of the Cold War, or the conclusion of the accomplishments of ‘the greatest generation‘, but as a sincere victory over fascism,  as an achievement of the left. So passed yesterday’s celebratory activities here in Milan, to mark the 64th anniversary of the liberation of Italy from the Nazis.

Walking through the Piazza del Duomo,  my ex-bandmate in the Christal Methodists, Brock Craft, took this picture at a demonstration. Offering a familiar selection of radical chic, what’s most interesting is the OSX-looking Skype window on the video screen in the background. It takes a little more time to translate than Che and Lenin, but boy if it doesn’t make you want to take a 2nd look.