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Solidarity Blues

Nationalist-Feminist solidarity flyer. Berlin, March 2013

Nationalist Internationale. A new Souciant flyer translation, June 18th.

French for Kurdistan

A different take on Turkey. Pro-Kurdish demonstration, Brussels, 9/26/011.

One Track Minds

Growing up in Istanbul, her sister would lock her in a closet, where, I was told, she was forced to memorize Das Kapital. So the lousy rumor went, as though it were a way of explaining both her trauma, and her brilliance. For the brief time we were involved, I never asked her about it.

The Bosnian war was in full swing. She had strong opinions about US plans for the region. They fascinated me, as ¬†they paralleled the beginnings of the American-sponsored Mideast peace process. I can’t recall us ever discussing, in any similar depth, the Kurdish situation.

Kurdistan Workers Party  poster, Boxhagenerplatz. Friday, 16/7.


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