Last Day in London

The day after I returned our rental van at the Europcar office on Clapham High Street, I flew back to Milan, formally concluding our half-year sojourn in the UK. Before I left, I made sure to purchase copies of my two favorite British periodicals, and read them on the flight home.

Given how hard we struggled while we were in town, our only consistent solace was having access to what remains, in my view, one of the most interesting news industries in the world. As has often been said about the BBC’s World Service, British newspapers and magazines oftentimes project a more ideal United Kingdom.

Well, not every publication, by any stretch of the imagination. Take a look at the country’s tabloids, for example. They’re equally representative. But, the inclination to say so, when one can only attribute such sentiments to four or five publications in toto, says a lot about the cultural significance of said periodicals.