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New to the Bookshelf


I’m proud to announce that Israel vs. Utopia is now available in the US. After six years of work, its remarkably gratifying to witness the book’s release. It was an absolute bear of a project to undertake. Only now does it feel like its really over.

Well, sort of. I’ll be supporting the book with a two week reading tour of the United States, starting in Seattle, on November 6th. See the Events section of this website for venue locations, as well as updates to the current reading schedule.

According to Amazon UK, the British release date is scheduled for November 5th. Speaking of said online retailer, although IvU is also available in Kindle format in the US, it is not available for download sales abroad quite as yet.

Reading the News


On Thursday, Iran and the United States held their first formal diplomatic discussions in thirty years. Convened in Geneva, the hope behind the meetings was to defuse further conflict between the West and the Islamic Republic.

Writing for France 24, I explain what the larger significance of the gathering was, focusing on its use, by the Obama administration, to combat criticisms of its attitude towards Israel, as well as its significance for other Mideast states.

Check it out.

At Home He’s a Tourist


Since the Six Day War, Europeans have tended to think about Israel relationally. French comparisons between Algeria and the Occupied Territories immediately come to mind. Reposition oneself in Italy, and you encounter the same basic reflex, as a book in this display would have it, with Ethiopia. Antique shop, Via Castaldi.


Italy is less well-known for its Palestinian community than its North African immigrants. Needless to say, in Milan, Palestinians are visibly present, their political struggles made obvious by informational kiosks repped by this Via Venini storefront mannequin, as well as by progressive, anti-colonialist inspired flyers and graffiti.


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