File Under Classic Rock


Mussolini and his entourage were hung outside our apartment building, in Piazza Loreto, on April 29th 1945. We’ve never ascertained the exact spot, though we assume its dual-commemorated by a monument to fallen Communist partisans in immediate view of our building’s front door, on Viale Andrea Doria. Indeed, it is curious that there is no memorial for the event.

That’s why when we encounter nostalgia for the late Italian dictator, we are almost always surprised, lulled as we are by the ideological consistency of our neighborhood. Walking down Via Torino yesterday, we encountered this positively non-ironic collection of Mussolini chic, displayed alongside classic rock bootlegs and Catholic calendars.

You have to appreciate the art school quality of the collage. Eric Clapton and Il Duce? That’s awesome.