Fans of Israel

We didn’t have all the artwork we needed. Rifling through my files this afternoon looking for backup images, I happened upon this photograph, of Israeli flag-branded fans. Taken at the Ace Hardware at Kibbutz Gan Shmuel last May, I’d gone to the store to look for electrical fixtures for my parents’ new home. Imagine what a hoot it was to find something packaged in such a purposeful way. “Hah hah, very funny,” responded my father, as I pointed out the box to him with a big grin. “It’s always about the double entendre,” he laughed.

Whether we end up using the photo for the issue, I can’t tell you. Its still too early. Still, its one of hundreds I stumbled across that I took over the last year, precisely for such reasons. The day after turning in the fall print edition of Zeek, I’m surprised I even had the energy to spot it. The first time I’ve edited the venerable quarterly, its going to be a good issue, I think. It was nice, and somewhat challenging, going back to print, however briefly. The issue leads off with a fascinating interview of philosopher Judith Butler, by Mark LeVine.

Their conversation is just the tip of the iceberg. The theme of the issue is of course Israel. The rest of the edition’s articles, featuring pieces by Shai Ginsburg, Etgar Keret, Keith Kahn-Harris, and the late Benjamin Tammuz, hopefully will prove to be as interesting to others as it has been to me. Granted, the last thing I want to do is read it again. Nevertheless, it was a joy to work on, and we’ll be releasing it in time for my book tour in November. My publisher has been gracious enough to ask bookstores to stock it at my readings.