Rough Guide to London (Slight Return)

The timing couldn’t have been better. Immediately after arriving in London, I had to edit the US edition of a guide to local graffiti installations by British political artist Banksy. Written, photographed and self-published by journalist Martin Bull, the book has been an underground hit here since it first appeared last March. Finding a copy at the Serpentine Gallery bookstore, Jennifer and I were pleasantly surprised. Having only seen the UK version before, back in San Francisco, it made our new home feel a lot more familiar.

Yesterday the author signed off on the final PDF, whose cover, shot in Hoxton, appears above. Today, the book’s designer, Courtney Utt, will enter his final corrections and send it to the printer. We’re both really excited to finally see it off. The book was ingeniously re-designed from the ground up. I worked my little fanny off (or non-existent one, as my wife would lovingly put it) to retain Bull’s original language, while giving it a good makeover. Banksy: Locations and Tours will be in US bookstores starting in January.