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Anarcho-Punk for Neocons

Pussy Riot sticker. Brussels, April 13

L’avenue de Stalingrad, Brussels. Souciant Twitter.

Crustie Chic


From Are the Mekons a Meal? Spencer Sunshine, in Souciant.

Roma and Pedestrian

Roma and Pedestrian. Stuttgart, December 2013

Stuttgart, December 2013. From Magadh’s Concentrated Wealth, in Souciant.

The ‘Un’ in Revolutionary


Brussels, March 2014. From Charlie Bertsch’s Sustain This, in Souciant.

Reinventing Italy


Labor Tourism. A new Italian flyer translation, with commentary. With Giulia Pace, in Souciant.

Situationist Berlin


A photo essay, with Charlie Bertsch. Tuesday, in Souciant.

Cleaning Up


From African Labor, with Giulia Pace. Thursday, in Souciant.

No Erdogan Here


From Taksim in Berlin, with Jeremy Bender. Friday, in Souciant.

New Year’s Day

New Year's Day. Neukolln, 2014

Karl-Marx-Straße, Neukölln. Souciant Twitter.

Cinema Paradiso

Mother with child. Karl Marx Strasse, FridayMother with child. Karl Marx Strasse, FridayMother with child. Karl Marx Strasse, FridayFellini for Pensions

Gran Madre newsstand, Turin. Souciant Twitter.

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