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TTIP Was Here

Anti-TTIP demo. Brussels, 19 December

En route to EurActiv HQ. Brussels, December 19th.

Italian Periodical Distribution


From Selling Newspapers in Italy. Souciant, December 6th.

Othering German Muslims


From Orientalism for Dummies. Souciant, November 20th.

Show Some Mercy

Roma-beggar.-Berlin-November-10th One of three photographs. From Berlin at War. Souciant, November 13th.

Illegal Life


From Border Patrol. Souciant, October 24th.

The Holocaust in Turin

Holocaust DVD supplement, La Stampa

One of three photos. From Magadh’s Right for the Wrong Reason. September 26th, in Souciant.

Kalashnikov Blues


One of two photos. From Charlie Bertsch’s The AK-47 Era. Souciant, August 12th.

Crisis Couture


One of two photographs. From Ari Paul’s Always in the Way. Souciant, July 18th.

Pimping Europe

Berlin. June 2014. [Joel Schalit]

One of two photographs. Charlie Bertsch’s Europe for Internationalists. Souciant, June 24th.

The Russia Today Left

Three photographs. From Ari Paul and Michael Brooks’ How Not to Oppose Imperialism. May 22nd, in Souciant.

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